Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 more days till xmas...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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See I said I would be back.. Not to sure if any one even reads but hey whatever... I can't believe Christmas is Next week here I am Sitting saying ooo WOW 9 days till xmas not think just next week is Christmas.. I'm kinda losing it OK
Recycle Reuse REDUCE or is is Reduce Reuse Recycle hahaha That's what I call this lil pouch it is made out of a old pair of jeans of Ethan's and the Zipper is also from the SAME pair of Jeans.. IN the top left corner you will see on of my son's drawings. ( HE is 4 turning 5 in January) Well my son doesn't draw much to nothing usually colors and that's about it or scribbles. NOT one for drawing any way not like his mommy. SO when he drew me this pic I had no choice i Loved it and thought it would be adorable on a lil pouch so Off i went hehehe This pouch is extra small it is more like a coin pouch and that is just what my son uses it for I even added his name to it.. HE LOVED IT...

MY kids absolutely love it when I come out of my sewing room with something for them.. MY daughter who is 2 going on 16 thinks all bags I make are for her lol..

Any one who has lil Girls and lil girls who love barbies probley have NAKED Barbie's. Well in my house that's all we HAD. Barbies and Naked ones.. I looked in a couple stores to see if i could possibly just find clothes for these things but of course either they don't have any or there sold out or I'm looking in the wrong places. SO I Decided to make some I down sized on patterns i had drew out others and Finally got some workable clothes that actually dress the barbies and not leave them naked or barely clothed like many of them barbie clothes out there. NEVER IN MY LIFE did I think I would care on the way a barbie was dressed until i had my daughter. Some of them clothes are really kinda how do I say it Skanky. To the right is a pic of two dresses I made For her barbies right now and to the left I shirt ( my first try) and she is also wearing a lovely old fashioned long skirt hahaha

I have made two more and hope to make a dozen or so more for the lil girls I know and for my own daughter.

These look way better on the dolls them selves But sense there put away and My daughter is awake I'm not able to steal one of her barbie to take photos lol.. I made these a lil different I was going for a strapless but the tops kept falling down so I had to put some straps:)


To make:

Materials needed
Embroidery Thread
Left over fabric Shreds or Polyester fluff

Step 1: Cute TWO Tree Shapes out of GREEN FELT ( or any color you would like)
Step 2: Take one piece and Embroider what ever you would like on it to decorate your Tree.
Step 3: Once finished Decorating Get your other piece of tree and stitch around both To make like a lil pillow, Leave open the bottom to stuff.
Step 4: Stuff them I used fabric shreds that where next to me sense i Was to lazy to go get my stuffing. Make sure you don't over stuff or under stuff.
Step 5: Sew the bottom shut.
Step 6: Make a lil loop through the top of the tree to make a lil thing to hang it with :)
It is simple if you ever made anything with felt it should be straight forward.. If any one needs more detailed instructions just send me a comment and I could add photos of the process
Well Thats about it for today I need to get busy cleaning sence christmas is NEXT week hahaha
HaPPy CrAfTiNg

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 days till Xmas and 20 till ethan bday...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, December 15, 2008
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MY OOOO my 10 more days and the man in the red suit will be coming..20 days and my lil man will be turning the big 5years old.. The kids are soooo Excited for Christmas. I am to I have got all my shopping done and not having any more worries lol.. That is till after Christmas and then I will have to get on the roll for Ethan's Birthday!!!SO i have been busy being bored lol. Well not really ON thursday we ended up going to an xmas party and left the kids behind at the inlaws it was alot of fun to get away for a evening just me and sheldon. Don't get to do that much so it was nice. I have been busy crafting and trying out different things I have photos of some and some I still need to snap... But I will share what I have. I have much to share I have made atleast one thing everyother day.

So I made this Lil Boxy Bag From a tutorial I found on net From Three Bears.. ITS really cute I did change the pattern around and made the bag bigger with a linning in it. I made it for my self lol It took me three trys to get it the way I wanted but the idea is from the tut. I love it and came in handy when we went over night to town I made it big enough to fit my make up, Brush, Comb Purfume bottle and underarm and I seriously could have fit more. I would make some more n but I am now out of zippers lol.. I hate doing zippers but actually got these ones in nice. there is one lil mistake but I won't say what I did sence you can't really see it in the photo.. I really like it And would suggest for any one looking for a lil zipper pouch to try oout that tut. ITs sooo simple a beginner sewer could make it..

In my last post I said Something about something sheldon was making and well HE has finished to of his Deer They to me are awsome i love them he don't think m uch of them calls them ugly. LOL YOu be the judge I think THEy would look wonderfull in are yard this summer in the flower bed and garden. A couple sundays ago are family went out to look for logs to make them and I think It was a great idea of ocurse there where a few complications like alot of snow lost dog and crying kids but we got all the parts and sheldon got them 2gether. We where planning on makingone each for family memebers as gifts butwe ended up buying stuff instead and well sheldon has only finished the two and with it getting so crazy around here not sure if he will get a chance to finish the last two. THe pic of them IS in the basement in sheldons storage/tool room so the photo isn't the greatest.
SO two things down lol THERE IS MORE!!!!!!!

SO on another note with christmas On its way, Come xmas cards and every year I buy and forget to give or forget to buy so this year I Never bought but wanted to give and when I looked to buy I couldn't find any I liked lol SAD I Know I think I was looking in the wrong places. SOoooo I decided to make my own out of my own Drawings, and scrapbook paper. Im not sure if I have ever mentioned it but I draw alot It is My talent I guess you could say I love to draw.. I seriously was drawing when I was only 1 lol .. So here is some snaps of cards I made this year all art work is copy written to me I have hand drawn all the photos on the cards and came up with them lol




So each one of these cards will be topping are gifts and given away.. I think they turned out pretty good.

SoI got to Run I have to clean and take photos of the other stuff I have done for the holiday s and so so so simple Xmas ornament so till next time

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its Starting to look alot like ...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, December 09, 2008
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Christmas and soon you will see...
" lalalalala"
HAHA Well I'm actually getting in to this whole christmas feel finally. I am Pleased to announce I AM DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.. "i hope" Me and sheldon went in to town yesterday and finished it all up The kids got spoiled yet again and Im pretty sure all is counted for lol .. I also Got some new machine needles. THe other day Trying to sew something nice MY lovely New but Old machine decided to well let its timing go and well right in between sewwing the machine crams up and WELL my last needle lost its last life. It was heart breaking lmao Heart breaking because i never had another that one I broke was stole from my lil kenmore ( my back up machine) So yesterday I got some new needles some new batteries abd the rest of the Xmas shopping done. SO I will be taking photos of some of the new stuff I have made in the past week and posting it here tomorrow I HOPE.. ITs been busy and I really can't promice anything lol.. BUT I hope to get it all up tomorrow.

Right now sheldon is Working on some log reindeer that we have been wanting to make. I was planning on doing them myself for gifts but he kinda took over and well I will just leave him to it lol. I will talk more about these when I get photos.. THey are cute though..

Well I will be on again soon I will say by thursday lol .. and will post alla bout everything I need to get my kiddos to bed :)

BTW ....

I have got my blog added to a top 100 site
So If you think Im worthy Vote for me :) When your there make sure you cheack out all the other really cute mommy sites there

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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blogadbanner (15K)

Like the lil banner I made For my Blog above I think its kinda cute. Any way I have been busy busy and not so busy we ended up opening a xmas present early OK it never even got wrapped.. lol We bought are selves and the Kids the Ninetendo Wii. It was so worth it Im sure we have played it every day sence we got it. Ethan actually has a time limit allready haha he can only play it atleast 1 hour a day, then it gets turned off.

Any way I ended up Making two more Purses. One for my lil Sister Sienna and One just for fun. The Photos arn't that great sence i snapped them in my comp/Sewwing room and now my cam Batteries are dead so this will have to do for now. One above is with them bot h and to the right is The yummy bag a:) BUT Iof course I shouldn't have tried to update so close to supper cuz Now i have to go WIll update again soon I new craft I did that even the kids can do Will Post pics and maybe a tut if any one is interested..

~ Happy Crafting ~

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