Monday, April 23, 2007

Süße Sac

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, April 23, 2007
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I just love this new pattern I found here. I have now made two bags out of it and Im going to make a bag for my MIL and mom for mothers day. Well I also have to start and finish a little yorkie i'm making my mom out of fun fur. The pattern for the yorkie is from one of my japanese books and When MYmom seen it she really wanted it. I have gotten as far as cutting the pattern out of paper and buying the fun fur lmao. I hope to get started on it this week, IM scare dto cut the fun fur lmao I have heard it is a real mess to use. I will probley be catching up in sewing this week sence we are going to try to Quit Smoking so Ill need some thing to keep busy with once my house is spotless lol. Any way.. The bag to the right was the first one I made i Just love it Im still looking at it thinking "WHAT I MADE THAT" It turned out just the way I Wanted and that doesn't happen to much. Excpecialy to me I'm just s o proud of it, I just love the yo-yo flowers. So sence I was so proud of this first Süße Sac bag I just had to make another ( ya know to make sure I could do it again) SO to the left is MY second attempt of my second Süße Sac bag I love it as well plus its in my fav colors lol. So Now i have two bags I have made that i love . I will say these are my favorites and I cant wait to get started on my MIL and Mom's. Im hoping to get to the fabric store this week and pick out some Fabric to make theirs. Sence the fabric I have doesn't go together aswell lol So Till next time TTFN See ya all later

Friday, April 20, 2007

Long time

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, April 20, 2007
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So im still alive. Its been so busy lately seems like this whole month we have been doing something. I have made a couple things sence the beginng of the month so I minds aswell sharing. HEHE I put my sewwin machine away for my daughters bday and well just finally brought it back out yesterday. Her Birthday was on April 4th she turned the big 1 years old.
So for easter I made 4 duckies for all the lil ones in the family.

They are a larger version of the small Japanese ones I made. I used flannel to make them so they are really soft. I had such a hard time givin them away. You can tell in the photo the difference between the small felt ones - the bigger flannel ones. I want to make some more sence some of my friends want to buy some from me. I was kinda ducked out after all them though. May start making more soon.

I have also made more bags. ( trying to get ready for the Farmers Market lol ) So the first Flower Power. I really like the way this one turned out I have actually had a couple ppl wanting allready but Its still with me lol I wouldnt give it up. ITs for the sale. There is a pocket in the inside for a cell phone or wallet. It turned out great. Then there is bettle bug bag, Its a wide tote and you could fit alot on it. THEre is a large flap you cant really tell in the photo. Then the reversable bag. It goes to ways pockets in or pockets out.
Pockets out

Pockets in

They all turned out great I think, I suck at taking photos of bags so Dont mind my terrible photos.

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