Tuesday, May 1, 2007

~Hella alota stuff~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Im alive and have alot to show for my dissapearing act I pulled lol

I have been busy lmao. Well the quiet smoking thing isn't going that great not at all I shall say. It is easier done than said lol and maybe having a three year old and a one year old that have desided that it is truly fun to scare the shit out of mommy and rip the house apart is fun has been stressin me way to much and well of course I caved and bought some smokes.. * smack bad me* So any way I have cut down in so Im proud of that and on thursday im going to by the nicotine patch to see if maybe that way I wont get so stressed and moody. LOL So I have been busy sewwin and sewwin. I Have actualy made a bunch more purse and one stuffed critter also a new blankie for my WONDERFUL daughter lol. So at the top is a lil black terrier. This lil guy well actually big guy (he is about the same siz as a small terrier lol) is part of my mom's motherday present. She owns a lil yorkie and i just had to make this lil/big guy for her. ( he is bigger than her dog isnt that sad, May give her dog a complex) So now shall I satrt with the mothersday bags or my newest Süße Sac bag's. haha i'll start with the Süße Sac bags. Two more for your veiwing pleasures lol. So to the left I call this one the wacky tacky bag, lol. Its all funky and all messed up. Thats what happens when your cravin nicotine. I love this bag even though its kinda wacky. It's super bright and reminds me of warm weather that will soon hopefully come are way lol. The fabric found at the bottom on the left side was actually found in my Grandmothers closet lol. There wasnt much of it but even so I loved it and had to put it in something lol. to the Right is another bright one, I Wasn't shacky making that one lmao. BUt I do need to add another yo~yo flower to it, I think any way. So to get a small break from bags I'll throw in a blanket lmao. So there to the left is my daughters new b lanket, You see I have made her two heavy fleece tie blankies that she loves and well I thought maybe If I made her a lighter one it would be easier to pack around. Well now she likes all three arg..

What to do.. You cant tell in the pic But the little images are cute lil kitties. It kinda reminds me of the japanese kitty drawing. I Was so proud of this blankie it was the first time i did a binding and it worked out awsome, except it took me awile lmao. So now the rest of my mothers day presents i guess. lol TO the right is my moms purse to go with her dog. This has to be by far my favorite one i have ever made. I love it so much I want to keep it lol as for the one I made my MIL I will not be giving it to her sence i dislike it so much It's also not big enough for her so i will be making her a different style but I will share it any way. IT just didnt turn out right according to me. SO to the left is the other. But before i amde those two I made myself a bag just to make sure the pattern I drew out would work and here it is and even a zippie pouch to go with it.. And well im getting tierd and yet i still have two more bags to share so ya all will just have to wait for them lol I t hink that is enough projects in one post lmao


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