Thursday, January 17, 2008

WOW.. Been lazy for tooo long

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, January 17, 2008
WOW.... So the last time I even Wrote on here was way back in may 2007. Life has been crazy hahahaha.. To tell you honestly I havent really made much Sewwing much or notta. Im sure not a single soul even reads this now any who but Im going to try to come back and start blogging once again.

Are christmas was Great the kids got completly spoiled of course, It was nice to be around family and gatherings but glad it is all over for another year. Seriously we were home at night but gone everyday.. Really wore us out in the end. I hope everyone else's Christmas was as fun and as eventfull as ares. We also had my son Ethan's 4th Birthday at the beginning of this month. 10 days a fter christmas lol as soon as things get settled we have a party hehe. I can't believe he is 4 allready.

I never really crafted a whole lot lately I started to knit once again and have made a scarf a hat and some baby doll hats for my daughter. (That hat I knitted for my daughter is to the left) I have been thinking of sewwing for along time and actullay bought the new Mc call's Quilting Magazine to try to get me in to the mood.

Back in November my hubby bought me a kitten for are 5year anniversary that was on November 17. When we were going to get him I did make some pillows to put in the lil carrier but I bought a bed.. Yeah I probley could have made one and thats what I told my self then but I was too lazy. So today well I was looking on different classified sites looking for another kitten to go along with my baby Blizzard I decided to try to make a kitty bed. Know all I have to do is talk hubby in to letting me get the kitten I found.
SO I FINALLY BROKE OUT THE SEWWING MACHINE lol ..... Im n ot completly happy with the bed the next one i make I will do alittle differnt so I don't have to have the tin thing I really just stuffed it wrong and left the wrong parts open hahahahaha.. SO in the bed is MY kitten Blizzard. THe next thing to make is some kitty toys lol even though we have some that are bought but homemade is way better .
Well if you just happen accidently pop on her and actually reading this please comment hahahaha. BUt Im going to start to update more and more know I promice I have no clue if I even posted about the dresses I made Last year for my daughter or did I stop updating by then Well any way Im in the midst of looking for a new pattern to make my daughter a new dress so I guess making sure I update this that will happen. Will my house stay as clean as it has been..; Probley not Im crafting again ...


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