Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its Starting to look alot like ...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Christmas and soon you will see...
" lalalalala"
HAHA Well I'm actually getting in to this whole christmas feel finally. I am Pleased to announce I AM DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.. "i hope" Me and sheldon went in to town yesterday and finished it all up The kids got spoiled yet again and Im pretty sure all is counted for lol .. I also Got some new machine needles. THe other day Trying to sew something nice MY lovely New but Old machine decided to well let its timing go and well right in between sewwing the machine crams up and WELL my last needle lost its last life. It was heart breaking lmao Heart breaking because i never had another that one I broke was stole from my lil kenmore ( my back up machine) So yesterday I got some new needles some new batteries abd the rest of the Xmas shopping done. SO I will be taking photos of some of the new stuff I have made in the past week and posting it here tomorrow I HOPE.. ITs been busy and I really can't promice anything lol.. BUT I hope to get it all up tomorrow.

Right now sheldon is Working on some log reindeer that we have been wanting to make. I was planning on doing them myself for gifts but he kinda took over and well I will just leave him to it lol. I will talk more about these when I get photos.. THey are cute though..

Well I will be on again soon I will say by thursday lol .. and will post alla bout everything I need to get my kiddos to bed :)

BTW ....

I have got my blog added to a top 100 site
So If you think Im worthy Vote for me :) When your there make sure you cheack out all the other really cute mommy sites there


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