Thursday, February 19, 2009

Needle rolls any one????

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, February 19, 2009
I hate making titles for my blog entries can never think of anything clever to write lol ( I guess I ain't to clever)

Well any who...
I did end up finishing one thing i wanted OK two I did do my dishes but they need to be done again and well the laundry that's just another never ending job. I need to get on the roll ladies and gents i have an open house ( I'm starting up with a different company to be an independent consultant... the company is called Everyday Style~ Its Canadian based) on Saturday and my house looks like a twister came through it. I guess that's what happens with a 2 year old and 5 year old who would rather play every where else with there toys but the playroom and there rooms. Any way to my Crafts


This fela is almost done I just finished the one arm and just have the tail and another arm to go so hopefully maybe by tomorrow he will be done. I got the Pattern from HERE.~Its Free~ ( one of these days i seriously going to do a whole post just of free patterns I have saved or printed out from in my 2do pile there is so many out there and some really cute.good ones)

This monkey though is NO named right now a name will come once I'm done I'm thinking of giving him to my grandpa Jim Sense well HE likes orange and well the monkeys shirt is orange and to me its just something like my grandpa.. My gramps ain't a monkey but I Think he would like this guy and it reminds me of him lol)

My new HOMEMADE Needle Rollllllllllllllll

Made by me for me my own design as well lol. Along time ago and Im to lazy to find the post and was also to lazy to find the pattern I used in that post I made my Grams a Kimono Needle roll. Well It was so long ago I think that pattern that i had got for it got chucked when we where moving so I came up with my own ( you know being to lazy to try to find one on the net~ Dial up sucks and it would have took forever~ HIGH SPEED NEXT MONTH WOOOOOOO_HOOOO) OK back to topic. SO back in them days I didn't crochet never needed anything nice to put my hooks scissors etc in.. So I came up with this..

Don't you just love the fabric my one Grams got me a Fabric land gift card for xmas so I finally used it and bought some supper cute and cool fabric .. The other stuff is monkeys lol..

I'm so proud of my needle roll though I have a feeling I will be just sticking it into my purse to show everyone even when there is no Crochet involved..

Well I gotta Run This Basement is toooooooooo cold maybe just maybe if I make enough at my open house I can buy a space heater for my office lmao

~*HappY CrafTinG*~


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