Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweets.. A new lil Monster!!

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, March 20, 2009
So I finished my one WIP.. Meet Sweets. Floral's Lil Brother..

I wasn't sure what to name this lil monster and one of my friends said his head reallly looks like a Hershey's Kiss.. ( by the way is my absolutly favorite chocolat treat) so I thought Of Sweets..
So I made him all Rusty Brown color and then Thought well he can't be naked now can he so I had to make him some shorts... ( first time doing that I have only made my monsters skirts, a skirt would have looked funny on a boy lol)

Sweets is a lil different than the rest of course every one monster has its own personality and well Sweets has alot more.. I had fun watching him come together and am happy the way he turned out.. YET AGAIN DIDN'T write down the pattern lmao

Here he is in his surf position lol .. * surfs up*
I have so Many ideas on what I will be doing next..
I have a show to do tomorrow and need to get this house a lil bit clean and live able. Laundry really needs to get done to so today I may not crochet lol * i probley will*
But g2g
~HaPpY CrAfTiNg~


Debbi-a1 on March 20, 2009 at 3:31 PM said...

Sweets is so cute! I love him. You do such a great job.

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