Thursday, May 28, 2009

WIPS... My ~oooo~ My

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, May 28, 2009
SO I Have been a BUZY BuZY Beeee  lol 
 Today  we got the  garden  done *WOOHOO*  and I got alll my  flowers planted ( another wooo hoo)   My flower beds look  amazing I will need to snap  some photos of them tomorrow.. ( hopefully the plants I planted today won't die lmao)  
I got a great tan  from spending so much time outdoors these past  couple  day's  ( another wooo hoo)  lol  BRING ON THE HEAT  

SO any way I have been  working on this  cute lil turrtle  for to long lol  SO I finally sat  down and finished him  yesterday.. I Only Had  one  leg and the bonnet to  do  so I thought I better  get this lil guy off my  Wip  list.. 
The Pattern is  from Delicious Crochet You can  find her here . 
Her patterns are amazing I will so  be buying  a couple more  from  here  this is the  Baby Turtle Pattern.  
Isn't he just Adorable. I think this lil guy will be getting put away for a baby gift for are cousins or maybe even my Sister in law lol We will see who has a lil boy first .. lol

SO now with the sneaky Peeks On what Im working on and then maybe I will get my butt in gear and finish..
This one has been sitting awile Sence well I actually started her before the turtle b ut when I seen the turtle pattern and got it I just had to make it to so well This gloomy got put on the back burner for the time being lol ... I would say Im working on her but that would be a lie.. I started something else

So I have been So wanting to make some sence well they are usually one of the first things you learn to crochet well not me I went right to Amigurumi's SO I never did get the chance to do a granny square ( lil secret I tried and totally messed it up so Put it in the I have to learn pile) I felt now was the time to try sence I Have gotten the hang of DC and Skipping and turning and well everything and I can now keep count so these are my squares.
I have made 6 squares sence last night they are small the pattern I was following was from a learning to crochet book I picked up awile ago when I was learning and this is the hardest pattern in the book. Its to make a Granny Square Baby Afghan.. BuT of cource im not going to make the lil blanket, I hope to make enough squares to make a blanket for Kiera for Christmas.. SO hope to be done before christmas ( im sure I Will be ) But I have to make it big enough for her. SO Once this is done it will be gettiong put away for christmas so sad to talk about christmas when I just put my Garden in BAD ME...
Any way THE s quares are done in Dusty Rose, Dust Blue and Beige. I took the pics just now and its dark SO i will be adding more progress shots latter on so you all can see the better coloring of the squares.

~Store Update~
My Ruthy Pattern is now ready for selling :)
BUT MY internet is being gay :(
I have been having issues yet again with this internet company im going through IT works then it doesn't and I don't want to put of the pattern UNTIL I have this all fixxed. Because with the internet the way it is now I can 't promise to get the pattern to you withing 24hr's due to my internet might be down. So im hopping This will get fixxed up.. SO the pattern will not be going to etsy right now BUT..
TO all my blog readers if you are interested in buying it before it hits the store Feel free to email me.. @ toewsrus(@)
IF you want it I got it and will sell it.. 
$5.00 I will be asking for it I hope that resonable.
Or wait to get it once its in the store..
I do still have my dial up hooked up so if any one does want to buy it I will be able to send it I just don't want to start the store up untill my high speed is 110%

SO any way 
I'm going to go cozy up to my  kitty and crochet me some more Squares lmao. I'm  going to get this blanket  done by  the end of  JUNE   I mean it lmao  ( i want to make  my son one tooo for christmas  )  


Orions Mom on May 29, 2009 at 6:13 AM said...

Nice work girl, I was thinking of calling but figured you wouldn't be in the house with the nicer weather lol I'll try calling today and see if I can catch ya :)

BTW, just a reminder you need to come over to my blog and grab your award off yesterdays post ok :)

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