Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~A New look...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have revamped my blog changed the colors the banner. Changed from the not so perfect house wife to just Craftymummy2two.. LOL im pretty sure if you read my blog you will now Im not a perfect house wife I rather make somethang than clean my house lol .. and HOPEFULLY I WILL START POSTING

I have been a no blogger for to long it is time to sit down and blog again
* HMM and maybe crochet again...

WINTER IS here is Northern Alberta We got the snow on the ground and the cold are that comes with it. SO well Im all Bundled up in the house I Decided it was TIME, Time to get back in to the addiction of Amigurumi's. SO I broke out the crochet Hooks Grab at the yarn and have started to do my favorite thing... CROCHET

I recently just sold ALL my Dark Sister dolls plus odds and ends and I have lost my collection lol I have A few of the onion heads a Ruthy and ONE DARK sister doll left over. I kept Nill for the time Being and maybe when the time comes that my lil collection is larger I will sell her to but as for now I still have her sitting on her bench on my head board in my room :)
Newwip Bri.. in the buildin Progress
SO with only one Gloomy GURUMI Dark Sister left I HAd to make Another SO I started...
( I had Three fingers blistered and my knuckles where killing me from the lack of crocheting but I Got her almost done !!!! * Just need to break out the sewing machine to build her clothes*

So Meet Bri... She is MY MINI MII...

Once her clothes are done I will get more photos so YOu can see the whole her she is around an INCH taller than the other dark sisters .. AND MUCH WIDER LOL SHE is MY ME!!! hahaha
I hope to make a male Gloomy Gurumi and make a Bride and Groom!!!

Im working on another lil thing right now I want to hand make a bunch of present for christmas for the ppl in the family all my lil nieces and Nephews and my lil sister.. Maybe even my other two sisters lol ..

BUT I Hope there's still ppl around watching me and Reading Im so sorry I have played the vanishing act yet again.

101 days till my wedding so i have alot yet to do for that i got my Wedding dress, got my photographer got the lil girls dress's in today will be getting the bride's maid dress's the end of the month so WE ALL will have are dress's by nov 1 .. YEAH


Orions Mom on October 15, 2009 at 5:45 AM said...

Good to see you posting again...I can't wait to see your finished work :) I am sure that the crocheting is good for your soul, especially with all the stress of wedding planning. It's fun and exciting but planning is stressful as well. Can't wait to see your bride and groom set :)

Orions Mom on October 15, 2009 at 5:45 AM said... the new site look :)

Suburban Hooker on October 15, 2009 at 6:35 AM said...

It's great to see you back posting again!! Can't wait to see your new gloomies!! Dig the new look too!!

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