Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happily Married and some new items

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kitchen kisses

January 23, 2010

are wedding day!!! once i get my photographers photos I will add a couple!! it was an amazing day but went by so fast i cant believe its been a week allready!!!

but with that day all done and over with i know have some extra time and now a laptop so......... i can update my blog more regulary lol! I cant tell you all how nice it is to sit up stairs and be ableto search the web update my blog and read others blogs! My computer is in the basement and it is allways so cold down there that i dont like sitting down there for to long plus if im down there the kids are usually updstairs un supervised lol ( not a good thing most days)

so I do have some finished crochet Amigurumi`s and a new out fit i made for my pullip awile ago that i have been meaning to share.

When I was wedding decoration shopping at Micheals I seen Ana Paula Rimoli`s book Amigurumi two! on the stand so of course i grabbed it

! its not usual to see these great amigurumi books in my area ( northeren alberta Canada)

I have allready made two things from the book and i will start first with the first haha


PJ Teddy ( im not completly thrilled the way this turned out but it is cute )

Now this next one is the reason i had to buy the book lol

peas in pod collage

Sweet peas (or i just call them pease in a pod)

peas and pod

and another of these i just think they are adorable!!

So thatsmy newest stuff i have a couple on the go projects and trying to stuff out to change the gloomy gurumis just a lil but so far i have frogged to many so i might just go and make an original designed one!!

SO to my pullip Joe- dee

newoutfit for Joe-dee

I made her this new outfit before the wedding stuff got crazy and just never had a chance to even get the photos on my computer.

There are a couple more photos of her on my flickr page. I hand sewwed the whole out fit and loved the way it turned out i didn`t use no pattern just sorta came up with it myself

well that is all for right this minute im still here and hope I havent lost my readers due to my lack of updating

( trying to get use to a laptop is sorta diffcult for me lol )


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