Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Late Vday!!! Some new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, February 16, 2010
So Kids are sick i m not so great either so whats the best thing to do when your not feeling well.... Well of course sit down have some tea and Crochet lol `:) gloomybear1
I have finished the gloomy bear and am so pleased the way he turned out
I'm not to sure What to name him I Was thinking Beans for Some reason !! Any suggestions.....
SO with the Gloomy Bear all done, I was finally able to make some other stuff! I hate Leaving things half done :) So I really wanted to make some hearts for valentines!! of course I was late in the matter but I did make two last night and here they are..

Made the brighter pink one first but it didn't turn out just like I wanted it to, so I made the lighter pink one and bravo I gotter the way I wanted now to remember just how I did it!!! I really need to start writing things down lol..

SO once I was done that I another beary hat!! This one will fit probley a 6mth-1yr old!!!!
Im going to try it on our friends baby once I see them to make sure it will fit that age group!!!
I also need to get the Newborn hats I made tried on to lol
»Well that is all for now gotta get my sick kiddos to bed then im going to lay back and RelaX«


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