Thursday, March 18, 2010

ta-da a new gloomy

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, March 18, 2010
Yeah I finished her..


Meet Rose.. (The Gloomy Bunny)
See I wasnt to sure about the albino eyes but after taking gloomy Rose out for a photo shoot. I started to love her a bit more and her wierd eyes.

A lil pi of behind! Her lil bum:) I love the pom pom tail:) In this photo she is wearinga scarf I ended up taking it off and adding a bow instead on her head felt the scarf just didnt do no good for her. ( it was cramping her style lmao)

so once she got that lovely bow she just had to come with me to pick up ethan from the bus but Miss Gloomy Got stuck high up in a tree when I wasn't looking!! I will say she wasnt to happy about that but ooo Well

Once she warmed her self by the fire she decided to look over the bunny pattern you know just to make sure I didnt mess up any where. She looked it over and found no faults now she is grumbling at me about getting it wrote up she cant wait to see other bunnies.. ( even though she has two bunnies here she just thinks she is better than them)
So for who ever might be interested in this bunny pattern I hope to have it wrote up soon. I will include the gloomy version and the not Gloomy version. There is so many things i can add to these bunnies or that you can your self. If I do make another I probley will add some clothes :) But that will have to wait im about bunnied out for a lil bit.
Im working on some baby booties right now I just found out last week that my SIL is Pregnant with number two She is due in October, so I plan on getting some baby stuff made or more like try some haha. I have finished one bootie ( the same color as rose's boots) but it never turned out just quite right. Im going to making the matching one then try again!!
I also hope to make a baby blankie I have a pattern sitting here that im going to try we will see if Iwill actual finish in time for baby!
Well I still have a lil Gloomy to finish aswell soo I better run


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