Friday, April 23, 2010

Not much getting finished here

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, April 23, 2010
Well I haven't worked on my Afghan at all :( and I have not finished a single project. I ended up getting the flu bug and was laid up for a couple days, so sick all I could do is just sleep and whine lol
I now have Three projects on the go, including the Afghan! I also have so many things I want to do and have to do lol. BUT I better finish all these things before I start another or i will be getting myself over whelmed.
Looking at the calender I don't think i will be able to accomplish my own Challenge of finishing my Afghan by the end of April :( so I will have to give myself a new date and It shall be ........
I will have to look at the calender more. Next month is going to be alil busy. Both my kids are in soccor and mys ister is graduating next month:)

So lets start with the Gloomy Sense she will Probley be finished sooner than the rest.
She is not named yet !
She is the first ever Bright Gloomy lol Her Eyelids are magenta not black, She also is wearing a slouchy raggy looking hat :) I have one leg done so I just need to make another leg and dress her. OOoooo and name her. I bought some really cute fabric to out fit this girl with and am excited for her to be finished the yellow and the pink I used in this doll is a different yarn than i usually use and its 1/2 Wool and 1/2 Acrylic, it has a fuzzier texture to it and the stuff i used for her hat and scarf is really unusual I bought it at a yarn store and need to search for the wrapper so I can tell ya all exactly what it is called I will say though it is terrible hard to work with i had to us a K hook.

I will add more details on this gal once I have her finished!!

So lately I have been trying to get my crochet skills up there Learning newer techniques stitches etc, SOoo I found some sock yarn in Zellers and decided I shall try to build a Sock .. YEs you read that right A sock. I would say a pair but once I finish this one sock I will maybe make another by next year lmao
So theres my Sock I'm using Pink Camo its turning out pretty cool but boy oh boy is it taking awhile.
The sock Pattern is called ribbon`s and Bows I'm thinking I picked a two complicated pattern for my first try at socks but I really wanted to learn how to do the cable cross stitch
NOw woooo hoo I acomplished something today I updated my blog ppls on my self.
So hopefully next time I will have some finished items to show you all. Im still feeling under the weather so I have been taking it easy .
My sister bought me Yarn to make her
* 3 more dishcloth's
*and a slouchy hat
So I would like to get those done for her soon aswell Due to she bought the yarn/cotton for me to make them for her`:)
So I shall be done with rambling do my dishes up quick and get my Hooker moving lol


Nathalie S. Roths on April 25, 2010 at 10:57 PM said...

Cute crafty doll and adorable daughter you have! I discovered your blog by pure coincidence and love what you do. :-) I will come again for a visit, for sure!

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