Thursday, September 2, 2010

lil update

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, September 02, 2010
Well I have been busy! whats new right! Ethan started Grade 1 the beginning of this week and seems to be really liking it so far! I also enrolled in to a photography course to learn I would really like a different camera!! Mine is more of a wanna be SLR camera!! and its shots just arnt as nice as they probley could be* I all ready have my new camera picked out and of course lens aswel* So time to start saving up money lol hmmm Christmas is around the corner might be making a list!!!!

Im only on Lesson 3 in my photography course and have all ready learned so much!! I always was the point a shoot person well now I'm learning about settings and shutter speed and ISO and all this other stuff that is really exciting in away!! I had fun yesterday changing all the setting in my camera and playing around.

I'm taking the course through Proud and so far it seems really good and help full for the lil money I spent on it. I have been wanting to take a course for photography for some time and finally now did it :)

Geesh as soon as things slow down I go and start something to keep me busy.

We recently came proud Owners of 10 laying hens!!! I call them my USED chickens. They where are cousins chickens and they got new one's but these have a good year left of laying eggs. I'm so scared of chickens its not even funny but I have grown to like them a bit and now am able to con cor my fear and am now touching them lmao

a photo I took of one of are hens..
Now I have learned alot about Chickens the past couple days at all. Geesh no wonder my head has been hurting all this learning is scary haha..
well my hope is to finish a couple items off by the end of this long weekend and....
ill tell you a secret ...
A giveaway is in order so make sure you come back!!!!
Also wanted to throw in that
Kayah is now in the shop and waiting to be able to go to her new home..
start your xmas shopping early and add a lil gloomyness to your family


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