Friday, November 5, 2010

some new stuff!!!

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, November 05, 2010
Hey All sorry I haven't been around I absolutely hate when My favorite Amigurumi Makers Disappear and I hate doing it to all my followers but sense I'm here I have lots to share and lots to show!! I have been Crazy busy!!!

First Off I'm so sorry but I have cleaned out my etsy shop of Finished Amigurumis ( patterns still Available and hopefully some new ones will be soon) for the time being!! I Signed up to have a table at are Annual Christmas in the country Craft Sale and Trade show and will be trying to sell it there but right after I will throw all my stuff that doesn't sell back on to etsy!!! I'M so nervous to be doing the craft show I have no clue how well my stuff will do sense it is different than the normal stuff around here!! My fingers are crossed but I hate feeling like ppl are judging my stuff it is so much easier on the net when I cant see everyone reactions to my lil monsters!!!

So far I have got a couple Lil Hooded Monsters done a lil bit larger monster as well and some Gloomy girls :)

As for the first I will show Is an Older doll who is finally finished Remember Bri???

Here she is all dressed and Ready to go !!!!!!!
Bri All Dressed finally

Bri Is one of my biggest dolls I have made and one of the fattest lol im pretty happy with her now that she is clothed It really makes a different with these gals!!

Now on two my newest created dolls and these girls its going to be hard to let go ( well I have hard time saying good bye to them all That might be why I still have 6 lil sister gloomies still)

Meet LooLa


Dressed in Pink all pretty and ready for Pinktastic Party!! But she doesn't look to pleases I'm not sure why sense pink is her favorite color!!
I just love the way her hair turned out I used Red Heart Satin for the light pink and when I brushed it out it gave that cool crimped look!!

Now on to The second made doll ( This is really crazy to me I made these two dolls in 4 days that is seriously a record for me, My crocheting is getting faster I guess)

Meet JenaBee

JenaBee Is ready for a 1st class party in here beautiful black and red dress!! She is all ways up to something that is not good and is full of pranks and bad tricks!! but this darlings cute looks make all think she is just so sweet!!!
So theres my something new!!!
I have a couple lil things I need to take pics of a new lil monster I hope to right the pattern up for as well as hats and other crochet goodness!!
IM pretty sure I Will be back Posting again soon but now its time to get my rugrats settled down and watching a show before bed !!!


Amy on November 15, 2010 at 3:05 PM said...

I just love your dolls. SO CUTE!!!

I gave you an award over at my blog!

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