Friday, January 18, 2008


wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, January 18, 2008
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Well I woke up this morning to really a nice site. Living in Northern Canada we have to enjoy this lovely snow I guess, even though it is cold here for the most part. It wasn't warm today by no means and it is calling for snow and more snow for the next couple days. That is not good for me because tomorrow I plan on leaving the kiddos with my MIL and and going to town to a party-lite show and to also close my show that I had. Hubby called about an hour ago to tell me the roads aren't that great so, I hope that by tomorrow they will be because I really need this lil break. So I hope the roads get good fast. But any way I took My camera out this morning and took some pictures of the frost on the trees it was really pretty not as nice as we have had this year. I should have took pics about a week ago they were really nice then.

So on this cold day when the kiddo's are all cramped in the house and tired of mom telling them "maybe tomorrow we can go out side and play" I decided to try to make a table runner when everything was peace full and at rest. Of course after I cleaned up the kitchen sum what. I tried my skills with quilting myself a table runner. It never turned out the greatest and I still need to bind it. Also It is a lil to long and a lil to wide and well I'm not completely pleased with it at all. BUT this is my first ever finished (almost finished) quilting project. So NO matter what I guess I'm a lil proud of it. My grams is a amazing quilter and I would love to do some of the stuff she does, but I'm to lazy lol. I like to start a project and finish the project all in the same day. I have a couple projects im thinking of doing and just need to get to the fabric store or im going to be ordering onlin yet and then I have to wait for it :( So keep watching if any one is watching lol

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Cat Bed..

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, January 17, 2008
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Well I guess Breaking out the machine was a good thing. After I posted the last Entry early today I desided I needed to do another bed cuz I really didn't care for the last one sence I Was kinda just doing not meachuring and well just cutting and sewwing ... so I Made another a nd this one turned out way better than my last one I think. I bought a bed for my kitten when I first got him it is practically the exact same as these ones but smaller. So I used that (the bought One) for planning out these ones. I think this one looks way better and not sure if I will make any more because seriously three beds for one kitten should be enough excpecially when he has his own human size bed that is well Mine and hubbies lol.. as you probley can't tell in the photo is that the cat bed is on my bed and the cat is sleeping in his bed on my bed lmao. He wouldn't even wake up when I Was snapping the photos...

I' m thinking now I need to do a little shopping spreee some new fabric and thread.. MAYBE a new sewwing machine ... hmmmmmmmmmmm It's about time maybe I will give hubby that for a suggestion for V-day sence it is coming up!!!

I also Remebered a little teddy bear I made for my son a couple months ago when HE was feeling under the weather. So I guess I have brought out my sewwing machine here and there but just little things. The lil bear to the left was made out the free pattern you can find at Crafty Carnival by Missy . That women is so Talented I just love all her stuff. Im adding more and more links to m y faovrite blogs that I have book marked over a long period that I will be adding. I'm not completly happy the way the bear turned out I think I will have to try this one again. I have no clue where it is now Im sure some where in my sons room lmao. But any ways I now have to run and Finish up supper..

WOW.. Been lazy for tooo long

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, January 17, 2008
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WOW.... So the last time I even Wrote on here was way back in may 2007. Life has been crazy hahahaha.. To tell you honestly I havent really made much Sewwing much or notta. Im sure not a single soul even reads this now any who but Im going to try to come back and start blogging once again.

Are christmas was Great the kids got completly spoiled of course, It was nice to be around family and gatherings but glad it is all over for another year. Seriously we were home at night but gone everyday.. Really wore us out in the end. I hope everyone else's Christmas was as fun and as eventfull as ares. We also had my son Ethan's 4th Birthday at the beginning of this month. 10 days a fter christmas lol as soon as things get settled we have a party hehe. I can't believe he is 4 allready.

I never really crafted a whole lot lately I started to knit once again and have made a scarf a hat and some baby doll hats for my daughter. (That hat I knitted for my daughter is to the left) I have been thinking of sewwing for along time and actullay bought the new Mc call's Quilting Magazine to try to get me in to the mood.

Back in November my hubby bought me a kitten for are 5year anniversary that was on November 17. When we were going to get him I did make some pillows to put in the lil carrier but I bought a bed.. Yeah I probley could have made one and thats what I told my self then but I was too lazy. So today well I was looking on different classified sites looking for another kitten to go along with my baby Blizzard I decided to try to make a kitty bed. Know all I have to do is talk hubby in to letting me get the kitten I found.
SO I FINALLY BROKE OUT THE SEWWING MACHINE lol ..... Im n ot completly happy with the bed the next one i make I will do alittle differnt so I don't have to have the tin thing I really just stuffed it wrong and left the wrong parts open hahahahaha.. SO in the bed is MY kitten Blizzard. THe next thing to make is some kitty toys lol even though we have some that are bought but homemade is way better .
Well if you just happen accidently pop on her and actually reading this please comment hahahaha. BUt Im going to start to update more and more know I promice I have no clue if I even posted about the dresses I made Last year for my daughter or did I stop updating by then Well any way Im in the midst of looking for a new pattern to make my daughter a new dress so I guess making sure I update this that will happen. Will my house stay as clean as it has been..; Probley not Im crafting again ...
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