Thursday, May 28, 2009

WIPS... My ~oooo~ My

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, May 28, 2009
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SO I Have been a BUZY BuZY Beeee  lol 
 Today  we got the  garden  done *WOOHOO*  and I got alll my  flowers planted ( another wooo hoo)   My flower beds look  amazing I will need to snap  some photos of them tomorrow.. ( hopefully the plants I planted today won't die lmao)  
I got a great tan  from spending so much time outdoors these past  couple  day's  ( another wooo hoo)  lol  BRING ON THE HEAT  

SO any way I have been  working on this  cute lil turrtle  for to long lol  SO I finally sat  down and finished him  yesterday.. I Only Had  one  leg and the bonnet to  do  so I thought I better  get this lil guy off my  Wip  list.. 
The Pattern is  from Delicious Crochet You can  find her here . 
Her patterns are amazing I will so  be buying  a couple more  from  here  this is the  Baby Turtle Pattern.  
Isn't he just Adorable. I think this lil guy will be getting put away for a baby gift for are cousins or maybe even my Sister in law lol We will see who has a lil boy first .. lol

SO now with the sneaky Peeks On what Im working on and then maybe I will get my butt in gear and finish..
This one has been sitting awile Sence well I actually started her before the turtle b ut when I seen the turtle pattern and got it I just had to make it to so well This gloomy got put on the back burner for the time being lol ... I would say Im working on her but that would be a lie.. I started something else

So I have been So wanting to make some sence well they are usually one of the first things you learn to crochet well not me I went right to Amigurumi's SO I never did get the chance to do a granny square ( lil secret I tried and totally messed it up so Put it in the I have to learn pile) I felt now was the time to try sence I Have gotten the hang of DC and Skipping and turning and well everything and I can now keep count so these are my squares.
I have made 6 squares sence last night they are small the pattern I was following was from a learning to crochet book I picked up awile ago when I was learning and this is the hardest pattern in the book. Its to make a Granny Square Baby Afghan.. BuT of cource im not going to make the lil blanket, I hope to make enough squares to make a blanket for Kiera for Christmas.. SO hope to be done before christmas ( im sure I Will be ) But I have to make it big enough for her. SO Once this is done it will be gettiong put away for christmas so sad to talk about christmas when I just put my Garden in BAD ME...
Any way THE s quares are done in Dusty Rose, Dust Blue and Beige. I took the pics just now and its dark SO i will be adding more progress shots latter on so you all can see the better coloring of the squares.

~Store Update~
My Ruthy Pattern is now ready for selling :)
BUT MY internet is being gay :(
I have been having issues yet again with this internet company im going through IT works then it doesn't and I don't want to put of the pattern UNTIL I have this all fixxed. Because with the internet the way it is now I can 't promise to get the pattern to you withing 24hr's due to my internet might be down. So im hopping This will get fixxed up.. SO the pattern will not be going to etsy right now BUT..
TO all my blog readers if you are interested in buying it before it hits the store Feel free to email me.. @ toewsrus(@)
IF you want it I got it and will sell it.. 
$5.00 I will be asking for it I hope that resonable.
Or wait to get it once its in the store..
I do still have my dial up hooked up so if any one does want to buy it I will be able to send it I just don't want to start the store up untill my high speed is 110%

SO any way 
I'm going to go cozy up to my  kitty and crochet me some more Squares lmao. I'm  going to get this blanket  done by  the end of  JUNE   I mean it lmao  ( i want to make  my son one tooo for christmas  )  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some snaps...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Saturday, May 23, 2009
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A old barn from where I grew up
A duck Swimming in are backyard


A bird that was in the tree next to my house not sure what kind of bird

and something I have been working on Slowly Plus I have another gloomy on the go aswell lol
I have been Busy working outside lately and have had not much time to update .. JUSt like now lmao I can here Kiera getting in to something when she is suppose to be sleeping
HOpe you all enjoy the pics these where took Today and Yesterday and Maybe the day before lmao ITs SO NICE HERE that I just love being outside here in Alberta we have mostly winter so when we have summer we better get out and enjoy it cuz its not going to be around for long

HOpe to have more time next time OR maybe even later

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Wednesday, May 20, 2009
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Thank you for all the responce's on testing my pattern.. 
I have now found a tester to test my pattern 
 so  within a week or so  my pattern will be up for sale   .. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Had to say good bye.. But a hello to a new gloomy ~Meet Nill~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, May 18, 2009
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So  On saturday I went for a lil Family  visit and ended up having to say good bye to my last  Gloomy Gurumi that I made..  It breaks my  heart to know that I  no longer  have her  :( 
Laney has gone to a new home :( 
Excitting toactually sell her but sad that I nolonger have her. MY aunt  bought her over the weekend. When I  made her  she did remind me of my  Aunt the curly  hair and  will my Aunts fav color is Purple lol 

But  I  did  finally finish the  newest gloomy gurumi.. 

 She is sorta  Upset she never  really got to meet her sister Laney.. 
But  I have another one in the works  That I hope to get  done  faster than this one..  She  took  me awile  but  she turned out amazing..  
NIll stand
Also I  would like to Thank my Grandpa  who made/gave me the lil  bench for my gloomies..  Isn't it  cute I  use to have two large ones but my stupid dog chewed them up  :( 

Hope you all like Nill!!!!

~* Store Update*~
I have gotten the ruthy  PAttern  tested  but Iwould like to  get one more tester  so I know   there are surely no  problems at all I was reading somewhere to get it tested 3 times. I have gotten it  tested  twice now and now I  just  need  one more tester.. 
If  you are interested please send me and Email.. There is some  small guidelines 
Toewsrus(@) is my email 

Friday, May 15, 2009

~new lil Summer Dress~ plus a sneak peak at a new gloomy gurumi

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, May 15, 2009
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So  for  $1  I bought A vintage Pink Flowered sheet
So   for  $1  I made  1 shirt and 1 dress for my daughter ( AND i have  Lots of sheet  Fabric left i could probley  make 1 more dress and two more shirts if I wanted to lol )
So for $1  I made these 
Fashion  Show please... 
* Music* 
The lil Model  Did a great  job  for her first  show:)    The model IS my 3year ol' daughter Kiera.. ( and  for those who just started reading my daughter  cut of her hair over a month ago and  we had to get it cut off :(  At least its  growing out again :)    These clothes are for her.   We have probley around  100 pics lmao  But I  just  picked out a couple to show off the dress and shirt .. I'm not  really  fond of  putting my kids  pictures on my blog  due to the fact that I have run in to  ppl on the net that  steal  ppl's kiddos  pics and  use them as there own not funny at all....   ( that is why I have my URL  across them, and that is why I  don't  post many pics of my  kids   on here, Sence my blog is an open blog ) Soo   dadadadaaaaaaaaaa 
First  up a halter top  Sun dress 
Next up is a lil Summer halter  shirt  
Its  the same idea as the dress but shorter.. The pattern I  got also Has  pants, shorts  and a jumper  halter set  and   head bands.. Kiera  wants all of them lmao  Not sure if I will get all them  done  Im going to make her another  dress and shirt though  for surely.. I have some   Other fabric I got for free from Sheldon’s Aunt that I  would like to use. 

So I guess we will wait and see if more clothes come in to the picture.. Im not much  for sewing clothing I always Am scared the  clothes will fall apart. I have yet to try to make myself anything lol  
The pattern I used for  Kieras and ones I have used in the past  HAVE the word EASY wrote in  BIG BOLD  LETTERS on the pattern.. Thats how I  pic them out lol 

So  my internet is  being really stupid  the past  couple  days.. like  right now IM  actually writing this on  word processor and then  Praying that it will actually  post and  get my photos  up.. 
SO i guess if your reading this I got it  figured lol . 
I do  still have my Dial up  connected due to  the  Internet  ppl  for the high speed arn't charging me anything till they figure out the problem .. IN what is  nice 

SO a Work In progress  
another shot.. 
Well sence I took this  photo I have now  got the  body  done and Half a leg  :)   She is turning out really good and I can't wait to finish this one..  I used color  eye's for her  instead of the solid black at first  I Wasn't  to sure but  once i got her  Eyelids done I Was happy :)  I have  had  so many offers on  these gals  and to think I Was about to take a break  from them for a lil bit.  hahaha 

Well  Hope you all enjoy, I may  be slowing down a lil it's seeding time around  here and well  I  have turned in to a farm hand as of today  i got bumped up lmao   from  Making  meals to  loading the  grain in to the seeder..   hahah  Well i guess I still have to do the  MEals part :(  SO I haev been busy  with that and  Am About  drained of energy  and to  think I still need to get  my garden worked up so I can  get it planted this year..  SPring time  oooo Spring time .. 
Talking about  Spring the  Pther  day we got  8 in of  snow  ues it was terrible, thank god its  gone allready  but they are calling  for snow and rain showers tomorrow.. 

Oooo   my  Mother nature  just  can't make up her mind up here in the north lol 

Well  Happy Crafting 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

*~ My motherday Gift ~*

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Wednesday, May 13, 2009
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So hubby  was  late this year and  He couldn't get  to town  before  mothers day to get me a gift  :(   I was  right upset I tell you.. lol 
SO  I  ended up getting  my gift a lil late  what was nice in away  cuz that  way  I got to pick out  what one I wanted.. 

YOu see i have been  looking for a new Camera for awile now and trying to save my money to get one  for myself.. Well sheldon new this and guess what  he bought  me 

THe  Canon Powershot SX10is Digital Camera it is AWSOME.. and  we got it on sale  woot  
He wanted to get me a camera but  doen't  know much  of what i wanted and was looking for..   SO  when we went to town  yesterday  we stopped at Staples and  Of cource I Said  " why we stopping  here"    HE   looked at  me  " don't you want a motherday gift "  :)   SO  we  went in and I picked out my camera.. 
SO  Of cource I  tried it out last night and today and it is amazing... 

The pics are so  clear 
Here is a pic I took off my Deck of a lil bird in the tree.. 
ONe Of My  Pom (Kahlua

And a Snap Of my WIP !!!!!!

I  can't wait to take more pics :)  
What a lucky  Mommy I am!!!!!
Feel Awfull For being so  terrible mad that I didn't  get anything now lol 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

~OInk OInk ~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Saturday, May 09, 2009
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So I guess I have  dealt with so  much poo I had to make  a pig lol j/k 
I actually have been working on this lil guy  for a couple days..  Making him in between the  clean ups and  to  well relax a bit.. 
Crocheting is  really  relaxing and  relives  stress.. 

I wanted to make  something  for my lil Nephew 's 1st bday present.. ( we really aren't related but Practically is family me and his mommy have known each other sense we where lil)
He is having a farm themed bday Party and thought a lil piggy would be the best lil Present  
So meet Oink Cooper's Lil Piggy..

This lil Guy is from a pattern in the book Amigurumi Super happy Crochet Cute by Elizabeth Doherty.. Its such a cute pattern and such a cute pig I  think I will be making a couple  more  for some lil piglets in my house.. 

So back to Cleaning up the pooo in the  basement I'm hopping the problem  is fixed with  the sewer  now but you  never know  It hasn't  Back Fired  in awhile  so maybe its  fixed...   :)  ~*Fingers crossed*~. 


wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Saturday, May 09, 2009
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So I'm  here alive  but  really  busy.. 
With all this warm weather I have been outside  but that's  not what  has been  keeping me away.. 
Are sewer is  backing up in to are house  ( NO FUN)    We  first thought it was  because are lagoon was to full well  not sure  what the problem is and of course  Sheldon  is gone seeding   so  I have been dealing with this by myself  well  with help  From my lil Bro in law  but  still.. 

SO I just thought I would  jump  on and  say Im alive  just  with  great  problem's  Allot of the kids  toys  are being throw en out  due to this  and  well allot of damage  from it  :(   not happy at all.. 
But  I gotta  go back and  suck up all the  water  THANK  GOD  we   have  one of them  nifty  water  sucking  vacuum machine things lmao 

SO every  PLEASE  my house  starts to  drain I  can't  even  do laundry :( 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Doilies any one

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, May 04, 2009
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So  it has  come to this  

Well I never thought it would ocme to this but I got a new addiction
I really needed to take a break from mY Amigurumi's for awile ( to get some new ideas going in my head) SOooo I decided to work up these

I have them numbered I started out with a pattern It was called my First doilie I thouhgt I book marked and of cource now can't find it.
So The first one I followed the pattern and I Thought It worked out then I made th second one Following the pattern but it turned out smaller lol.. and well with the third I thought screw the pattern and sent on my merry way..
They were really simple to work out I made those three in one day plus 1 more
I Have made a total of 5 Doilies lol They are bigger and would make great hot pads or something.. Im trying to make one out of the actual yarn they use to make doilies and with an itty bitty hook but I have allready messed that on up So I may show but May not.

SO With this I don't want no worries I Will be making Amigurumis just took a couple days break to let my blisters on my hands to heal.
I have some Personal family matters to take care of this week and hopefully after that I will have some new critter to show you all I do have on I finished a couple days ago and will try to get pics done of her she isn't my favorite but oh well she is kinda cute she's to in to the Cutsie Poo Monster collection.

So just so you know I am alive.... And i'm not to sure when My store will open There is just to much stuff going on in my life right now..

~HaPpY CrAfTiNg~

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