Monday, June 22, 2009

~Feel So honored~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, June 22, 2009
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I have gotten two Kreativ blog Awards. :)
Thank you so much
I Feel SO honored
both very talented gals go check out there blogs :)
The rules are simple......

1) List 7 things you love
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award
3) Pass it along to 7 other bloggers

Here goes.......7 things I love in no particular order

1. My Family. IM not sure what I would do with out them all..
2. My friends. ( it would be So lonely with out them)
3. My pets.. The may be a pain sometimes but I love them just the same .. I have two dogs ( a rotti cross and a Pomeranian and 1 Cat a Persian cross Siamese)
4. Camping/family vacation time ( something we have yet to do this year )
5. My flower gardens ( one of my new stress relievers)
6. My blog followers you all are my inspiration to keep doing what I do.
7. Yarn/ crochet lmao Something i seriously can't go without sense February, I take a ball and hook every where I go..

* my I could keep going*

Now 7 blog's in not praticular order

Thank you so much for this wonderful award...

PS.. Im almost done a gloomy gurumi hope to finish her up by tomorrow :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WOW a Finished off Item...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, June 16, 2009
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SO I finally Actually finished something lmao

and it wasn't even on my to do pile of half finished items, it was in my pattern to-do pile lmao. LOL ok Im half a$$ lying I found the pattern two days ago lmao and then added in to my to-do pile then well grabbed it for the to-do pile and well made it.

So what is this item that was kinda but sorta not really in the to do pattern pile..
I made myself some slippers..
They are a pain to take pics of and well I Sort hate the look of ,my feet but just so youa ll can see here is a pic of them on my feet... I MADE TWO lmao A pair..
You cab find the pattern for the slippers here... There called Mary jane Slippers I just never put the buckle :) I used some Wool ease by Lions brand to make then JUST had enough with the one ball..

So today was Ethan ( my son's big day.. ITs his Kindergarten orientation today and on thursday. HE was sooo excited and Im sure he still is, this morning I went and took him to school for his first day. MY lil boy is growing up on me way to fast. I have to go pick him up at three IM sure he had a fun day, can't wait to hear all about it

So with the Slippers done
I also Finished off some more Squares and finished off the rest of my yarn on the baby blanket Im making for my SIL.. ( its half done and I don't have any more of that yarn yet, hope to go in maybe tomorrow and get some more :) )
Heres the baby blanket for my SIL its super soft and thick im thinking it may be to warm for a baby in kansas ( thats where she lives)
and here are some sweet Squares i made



and here are some sweet Squares i made
They are so bright and summery.. Im working on another one in these colors.. .. What im doing is just picking a page out of the Crochet block book I got and making a square on that page :)

I plan on making a pile of BrIght colorful Squares like this and putting them all 2gether to make one bright SUmmery Afghan .

BUT I have to run my poor daughter is so lonesome
One last pic of a pretty pink Petunia from my flower bed

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~So nice outside~ ~ Some Square~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, June 11, 2009
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So I haven't got any thing completely finished that might be do to this nice weather and no rain we are having here.. My crafts are feeling it and so is the inside of my house lmao. My house is a complete mess and my love seat in my leaving room is full of half done or just started crochet projects.... oooo boy

All the Squares I have done for Kiera's Blanket.. NOt many lmao

This is A square I made recently From a book I bought Called 200 crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton you can find it here on Amazon .
Here it is next to the pic in the book looks good hey
I think Im going to make myself a nice big Afghan in these colors :)

So I started to work On baby blanket NUmber two sence Baby blanket number one wasn't turning out..
Well I ran out of yarn lmao and Im less than half done so I have to wait to finish that one till I get three more balls of the supper soft baby cloud yarn. Lovely Shell stitch didn't know it took so much yarn up :)

No pics of that I also HAve finished a couple more squares from the book i mentioned above and will post them at a later date..

I know I havent been around and well I have been terrible busy Gardening and working outside.. I even had to go fencing ( BARBWIRE) had some very lovely marks all over my body.. I decided to fight with the barb wire and well it won.. I had a huge Blister on the Palm of my hand from the hammer and terrible gouges all over my arms from the stupid barbs.
But I though sence i havent got any FINISHED of item's in crochet I could show you MY lovely flowers that I have worked so hard on ..

These are my PAnsies you see i have never bought these ones I just found them aroud 4 years ago in the middle of the lawn at the old house i lived at and transplanted them. I got lucky this Spring sense the house we use to live in has no one in it i went there and dug up my beloved lil pansies.. ( I think they like the new place)
place) This one I bought I have yellow, purple and orange aswell when I got them the only had one flower on each plant and now there covered.. (I like this close up)
Now a flower bed wouldn't be a flower bed with out these

This lil one just said hello to the bright sun yesterday :)

Im still waiting for many of my Perennials to bloom so once they are I will be posting more pics..
My first Veggie Garden is growing WOOT there is sprouts.. SO excited I was afraid it wasn't going to produce but by the looks of it, it will be :)

So just so you all know I AM around ...
Just busy out doors ( doing the rain dance lmao )

Thursday, June 4, 2009

~Swap Happy~

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, June 04, 2009
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So recently I joined a swap through
 Raverly..  It was my  first  ever  Crochet  Swap and  truly one of my first Craft swaps.. 
I was sooo excited I got my package on Monday I  truly got spoiled:)
First  Swap and  a great out come. 
My partner was Mfangmann  ..  you can  find her blog here 
She's another   Twilight  fan its so neat that  me and her have alot in  common and I'm noticing  even more now sense  we have finished swapping :) 

Here is a photo Of all the goodies  she sent me.  
Two Balls Of Bamboo Yarn   That is s ooo supper SOFT  a ball of Mohair that  will look  wicked cool on  a doll Im planning on making.  Four  lil  bags of safety eye's. A really cool  and neat  hand therapy set  that  I  have all ready  tried out  :)  
Some  comfort Grips  for  my hooks.. 
 That are seriously life saver's 
Some  really PUnk a$$ buttons..   That  will look  so  sweet on one of  my gloomy's  :) 

I  totally got spoiled and  will forsurely  be doing another  swap soon..  
I  just feel  bad now I don;t think I spoiled her  enough :( 

So I have been busy busy busy I got over  26   squares  done for the blanket I'm going to make  for kiera for Christmas and  I'm  thinking it may take that long...   I should have  thought of it  at  first  but  I  should have made the squares  bigger there around  4X4 inches and I want the blanket to at least    fit  her single bed  so I have alot more squares to build lmao.. 

I have  started  to work ON a  baby blanket  ( will post  pics  when  done)   I have Two baby blankets to make and One  lil bunny :)  
Sheldons Sister is  preggo  and so is  his  cousin and I want to  give  both  baby blankets and  MY  Sister in law  has a lil girl so I also Want to send something along with the blanket  for her:)  I know  she will love it 
I have slowly started  to work on the next gloomy and  Hope to finish her soon and  really hope to get  some of these WIP  finished.. 
The baby blankey I'm  working on  right now is  creamsicle Orange and White.. It will be good  for a baby boy or a girl  I'm pretty sure. I hope to finish it  within the  next  couple  days and  hopefully finish  some of the other projects that  are half done.. Man   Im getting bad I use to make  sure i  finished one before I  started another.

As For the Internet  situation BAD  still Bad  :(   I haven't  got on  due to that. I'm going to have alot  of blog reading once it starts to work. 

AND a big ONe  here  
* YEAH*  
I love all you that  read my blog it makes me  keep  going   so  keep  reading  keep  commenting you all are my inspiration. 

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