Friday, November 5, 2010

some new stuff!!!

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, November 05, 2010
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Hey All sorry I haven't been around I absolutely hate when My favorite Amigurumi Makers Disappear and I hate doing it to all my followers but sense I'm here I have lots to share and lots to show!! I have been Crazy busy!!!

First Off I'm so sorry but I have cleaned out my etsy shop of Finished Amigurumis ( patterns still Available and hopefully some new ones will be soon) for the time being!! I Signed up to have a table at are Annual Christmas in the country Craft Sale and Trade show and will be trying to sell it there but right after I will throw all my stuff that doesn't sell back on to etsy!!! I'M so nervous to be doing the craft show I have no clue how well my stuff will do sense it is different than the normal stuff around here!! My fingers are crossed but I hate feeling like ppl are judging my stuff it is so much easier on the net when I cant see everyone reactions to my lil monsters!!!

So far I have got a couple Lil Hooded Monsters done a lil bit larger monster as well and some Gloomy girls :)

As for the first I will show Is an Older doll who is finally finished Remember Bri???

Here she is all dressed and Ready to go !!!!!!!
Bri All Dressed finally

Bri Is one of my biggest dolls I have made and one of the fattest lol im pretty happy with her now that she is clothed It really makes a different with these gals!!

Now on two my newest created dolls and these girls its going to be hard to let go ( well I have hard time saying good bye to them all That might be why I still have 6 lil sister gloomies still)

Meet LooLa


Dressed in Pink all pretty and ready for Pinktastic Party!! But she doesn't look to pleases I'm not sure why sense pink is her favorite color!!
I just love the way her hair turned out I used Red Heart Satin for the light pink and when I brushed it out it gave that cool crimped look!!

Now on to The second made doll ( This is really crazy to me I made these two dolls in 4 days that is seriously a record for me, My crocheting is getting faster I guess)

Meet JenaBee

JenaBee Is ready for a 1st class party in here beautiful black and red dress!! She is all ways up to something that is not good and is full of pranks and bad tricks!! but this darlings cute looks make all think she is just so sweet!!!
So theres my something new!!!
I have a couple lil things I need to take pics of a new lil monster I hope to right the pattern up for as well as hats and other crochet goodness!!
IM pretty sure I Will be back Posting again soon but now its time to get my rugrats settled down and watching a show before bed !!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

soOoo Sorry TO my Followers

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, October 14, 2010
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Im So sorry I havent updated in so long and also that I have nothing at the moment to share!! Well with Crochet any way!! I have made some baby hats and my daughter a hat but I havent even took a pic :( man im getting behind lol!

I did just get featured in to an etc Treasury Though..Blossom MY lil gloomy that was the first with Bright colors has been featured yet again You can see her in the Treasury Here.. She is also still on sale for $50 US aswell as Alice:)

I have been working on a Pumpkin From the Crochet along with Itsy Bitsy Spider crochet but I guess I wassnt following the instruction completly right and had to frog it :( IM on to a new one now lol !!!

Well What have I been busy doing????
being a mom lol well no not just that but some what!!
I posted earlier on how I Started doing a photography course and I have been actually pretty Busy doing that!! I have done 4 shoots now and I can see how my photos themselves are getting better with every shot! Im almost done my Photography course 3 more lessons to go :) Once im done that I'm Hopen to either do teh wedding photography course or theEditting Course at

I did end up startinga blog for my photography yesterday and it is still in the works and well lets see how well I can update both of them now:)
Photography blog is Britainy St Photography!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

lil update

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, September 02, 2010
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Well I have been busy! whats new right! Ethan started Grade 1 the beginning of this week and seems to be really liking it so far! I also enrolled in to a photography course to learn I would really like a different camera!! Mine is more of a wanna be SLR camera!! and its shots just arnt as nice as they probley could be* I all ready have my new camera picked out and of course lens aswel* So time to start saving up money lol hmmm Christmas is around the corner might be making a list!!!!

Im only on Lesson 3 in my photography course and have all ready learned so much!! I always was the point a shoot person well now I'm learning about settings and shutter speed and ISO and all this other stuff that is really exciting in away!! I had fun yesterday changing all the setting in my camera and playing around.

I'm taking the course through Proud and so far it seems really good and help full for the lil money I spent on it. I have been wanting to take a course for photography for some time and finally now did it :)

Geesh as soon as things slow down I go and start something to keep me busy.

We recently came proud Owners of 10 laying hens!!! I call them my USED chickens. They where are cousins chickens and they got new one's but these have a good year left of laying eggs. I'm so scared of chickens its not even funny but I have grown to like them a bit and now am able to con cor my fear and am now touching them lmao

a photo I took of one of are hens..
Now I have learned alot about Chickens the past couple days at all. Geesh no wonder my head has been hurting all this learning is scary haha..
well my hope is to finish a couple items off by the end of this long weekend and....
ill tell you a secret ...
A giveaway is in order so make sure you come back!!!!
Also wanted to throw in that
Kayah is now in the shop and waiting to be able to go to her new home..
start your xmas shopping early and add a lil gloomyness to your family

Monday, August 23, 2010

I have been featured

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, August 23, 2010
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I was so excited to see that one of my dollies where featured over at itsy bitsy spider:)

I have been crazy busy and have about a million different projects going will hopefully finish one soon to share with ya all.
Will also be adding a couple new dollies to my etsy store and who know what else i will be up to in the days to come:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Sale

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Saturday, August 14, 2010
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Summer Sale going on in my etsy store !!!!!

Blossom The Flower Child
Blossom the flower Child
Regular price: $75.50
Sale Price $50
Go here

Gloomy Alice in Wonderland
Gloomy Alice in Wonderland
Regular price: $75.50
Sale Price $50
Go here !!!!

Trying to get rid of my older stock ito make more room for the new stuff!!

Will be doing a lil give away for back to school and the end of summer So stay posted

Monday, July 26, 2010

Two New dolls!!

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, July 26, 2010
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Meet Jay:)

Jay Is going to be gift to one of my good friends!! She has no clue that this lil Gloomy Was made excpecialy for her.

Jay is not as bright as the rest but she is fashionable. HEr lil Shaw is made from Bamboo yarn and is supper soft. She loves taking walks on cool summer evenings!

Meet Kayah
Kayah is always ready to go shopping. she cares her designer Purple purse where ever she goes. She always on the look out for the new hot things.

Kayah and Jay are my Two new Lil sister gloomy's and hopefully there will soon be some more coming this way. You can see more photos of these two in my flickr gallery!
I have been working On Kayah for along time I cant tell you how many times i have tore out her hair and put new colors in. As for Jay I started her and finished her so quick i will be sad when I wrap her up for my friend! But I know My friend will just love her to bits.

So my last post was about my hair. Well I truly had fun as a blonde but it was time to go back to a burnet. I feel much happier being a burnet im not to sure why but Blonde hair just wasnt for me. I had to do my Hair all the time when it was blond or it just looked horid I will post before and after pics once i get this brown die washed off my forehead.

Friday, July 2, 2010

what happens...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, July 02, 2010
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So what happens when..
You no longer wana draw any more today
You dont want crochet..
You dont wana have another tea party..
Husbands gone working and your ready to scream
the kids no longer listen
you have a box of hair bleach sitting in your room..

This is What happens
You lose your mind and Bleach your hair
This is me
This is me:) As of right this istant I call it inspiration, I also call it Stupidity.. Im a burnet lmao
My plan is well was and still is to now Die just the Top Dark Brown. That is WhY i had the hair bleach.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy Canada day

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, July 01, 2010
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Happy canada day to all my canadian followers:)

well i have so many projects on the go its sad!! im working on a nother lil gloomy. ( got her head done) and also i just decided to let my hook create something and looks like I have a lil dog head:) So I have a bunch of lil heads bouncing around here lol!!! hopefully they will get legs, bodeis and arms soon lol

I have been painting again and got my self a set of Prismacolor pencil crayons this past week and some More acrylic paint do to I only had a couple of colors left that weren't dried out from when i use to paint! Well I have been getting alot of painting done. I think its cuz I can do them out side and i dont very much like taking my yarn outdoors.
CanvasWindy day


Gloomy GUrumi

You can click on the images to see a larger picture of these..

lol and i have 3 or 4 more that I havent took photos of!
Well every one says there pretty good but when it comes to drawing i dont think im that good..Never have. Well any way hubby told me last night to try and sell them in my etsy store! So I put up My windy one up for sale and am offering free shipping i guess ill see how it goes or if it goes lol.

BUT I WILL NOT STOP CROCHETING lol I enjoy it to much but I have found that painting has been calming me quite a bit lol.

Well Comments are needed what do you think of my drawing/Paintings?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alot has been going on, New photos new Homes, A really cool idea

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Saturday, June 26, 2010
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Wow its been to long dare i say exspecially when I have so much to post about i hope i don't forget a single thing:)

First off May and Betty Arrived at there new home is Prince Edward Island Safe and sound
This is Anne's Lil Boy Holding May and Betty .. I'm think This lil Guy Would like a lil boy Gloomy What do you think?

May and Betty with there new friend Ivy. Ivy was made by the one and only Beth Doherty from Gourmet Amigurumi.. ( dare I say My Ideal so jealous that may and Betty get to meet one of her creations)

And Taylor Anne`s Daughter with May. Now Annea and her daughter just love my Gurumis so much I did a custom one For Taylor. Taylor and her friends picked the color and got her mom anne to tell me everything she would like here gloomy to have and i made her a original size gloomy.

Meet Tay-ah ( Taylor's Gloomy)
I just love the way she turned out and cant wait for Tay-ah to get to her new home.

Anne Recently Finished a Gloomy Bunny as well andI just have to share Photos of this as well.
Meet Fred:)
Annes gloomybunnyfred
Didn't she do a wonderful Job:) I just love seeing the Finished object ppl make from my patterns. Anne I just Love your bunny you did a wonderful Job:)
And I Actually got one thing done that has been in my todo pile for awhile.
Awhile ago my sister bought me a ball of yarn to make her a slouchy.
Well I never got around to it lol
I finally have and I finished it.

I went and grabbed the pattern from AprilDraven


Its called Team Vampire Slouch Hat Pattern
You can find here etsy store here
Looking at those pics can you tell I need a hair cut lmao
OK I think that's almost everything.
So I was searching through the blogs I follow when I found that one had posted about me so of course I went to read it and then started reading some more of her past posts. This person's blog is called Time N Love ! She is new to Blogging make sure you go check her out she is an amazing artist.
But back to the link I found. Well She posted about The Toy Society. Its an organization where you go and drop of toys and give them to complete strangers. I thought the Ideas was so great and so giving I decided to Join in on the Giving .
If you are a crafter Make sure you go check it out or even if your not this is an amazing way to give to others.
There site is can be found here. All the info and everything can be found there.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New additions to the etsy shop

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, June 15, 2010
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I have finally added the Ruthy Pattern to my etsy shop lmao!! it only took over a year after it was tested but It is now up there!!!


also added a lil Hooded aswell called Squirt I made this cutie awile ago and just never got around to adding her:)


Both can be found in my etsy shop..

I also started to draw again its been years sence I picked up my pencil and drew.. I have to thank Adriana Almanza, You can see her stuff in her flickr gallery here.
Her stuff is amazing I actually bought a painting from her. My mail man better hurry lol

But I thought I would share one of my finished pieces of course`s its no where close to as good as hers.

I have finished another larger one but havent took photos yet.
If you go to my flickr gallery you will see some other Drawings i have done.
Well Im in the midst of working on a custom doll im almost done and will post pics as soon as she is finished:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

A New lil Gal

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, June 07, 2010
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Meet Clover.

Clover is a another fun loving lil gal!!!!!!
She is are first lil gloomy wearing pants.


Clover will be added to the store this month once I get another lil sister made!!


So this past week we said are Goodbyes to May and Betty who were shipped off to there new home in Prince Edward Island, Canada! Anne I hope you and your Daughter enjoy these to sweeties. Cant wait to see photos of them in there new home's.

Mirk has also left us after he found out May was leaving he wasn't going to stick around so he made his way to my sisters house were he is trying to pick up all the pretty ladies.

At the moment I'm working on a couple different things and have got an order for a custom Dark sister doll. Its been so long sense I made the larger gloomies I'm excited to get to work on it!

Well with the weather being so nice once again I'm going to get off here and head out side to pull weeds :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mirk has landed

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Wednesday, May 19, 2010
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Something has come to Gloomies home here in Canada early this morning!!
He says he is in Love
He says he means no harm!
Flowers in Hand!!
...What does this lil Creep Want????????
Well he wants May, You see the Pretty May day he picked for her

I free handed this lil guy last night and really had no clue what I was making when i first started I new it would be some sort of monster but never imagined an alien!
Mirk wasn't thought off at first until he was almost done:)
We finally got rain here last night (much needed) and a lovely thunder storm and lightning so maybe that's what made this lil guy come to are lil gloomie home all it took was a gloomy night!
He is much different than the dolls:)
Do you think may will give this lil guy a chance?
Im not sure about him myself!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet May...

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Sunday, May 16, 2010
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Meet the newest lil sweetie, Who also isn't dark !
Meet Pretty lil May-day The Lil one that was brought by those lovely April Showers.
( We haven't been getting any April Showers or May showers kinda in a drought here in Northeren Alberta and Praying for some rain)
I just love this lil doll, Her hair is White with Pink and Blue Streaks
Her dress has two lil orange buttons on it aswell as a Velcro Closure.
Im just loving this not dark style right now, As well with these lil nose's on the these past two dolls. Plan on seeing a couple more of these gals

She will be going up for grabs in the Etsy store within the next couple days:)
I have also made a lil hooded but never took pictures today hopefully tomorrow, Im also going to try to write up a pattern for the Bloomy Gurumi Hooded Monsters but that might be awile.:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Betty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a late happy mommas day

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Wednesday, May 12, 2010
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I wanted to Write this on Sunday and then on Monday and then on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
But I just never got time:)

I wanted to say
to all the mommies out there that are reading my blog!!!

SO what did you all do for mothers day and what special items did you receive?

Ethan made me a lovely card at school, and the kids and hubby went to town and brought home a beautiful cupboard book shelf thing for me ( something I truly Needed to you know put all my yarn in)
What do you think:) I just love being able to have all my stuff in one place i use to have it in the closet in the living room all stored in Rubbermaid containers and wicker baskets I ended up taking the whole closet.. So hubby decided He would get me something that I could put everything in!!! Now I need another I could hardly fit all my yarn and goodies in there!
I have this bad addiction that i think any knitter or crocheter has and it is
I just keep buying cuz
I always need more
and I never will have enough
Yes I have this problem
and I will truly admit it that the next time I go to the city I will probley come home with more even though I only need Beige
The kids then bought me another lovely Orchid ( I also have a small addiction to house plants!)

So once I got my Lovely storage closet all organized I finished my Gloomy
Now this gloomy is not dark:) But she is still a lil sister
Meet Betty !!
Now this is wear I would right that Betty is up for grabs in my etsy shop :) BUT She is there but she is all ready reserved! * Sorry * I added photos of Betty yesterday to The facebook fan page and this morning I had a very nice gal send me a message that is now going to be Betty's new owner!


BUT I will be making a couple more gloomies like this one you see the Nose ain't it adorable:)

I also Made a huge Change to the feet!! they are more shoe/foot shaped i think and bigger!


I will say I just love this doll and again this has to be my newest favorite. I can really see my skill increasing with each doll and each one getting a lil bit better as my Skill level increases.

But I need to run


Thursday, May 6, 2010

I finished it I finished IT

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Thursday, May 06, 2010
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I did It

I finished My afghan lol

My first Afghan I finished lol

I ended up not adding all the flowers to the Bottom it looked way to junky or something when i added them so I took most them off and only kept a few on :)

What do you all think
I'm so proud that I finished It!!
I now have to make one for Ethan But I think that will be awhile down the road i have dropped doing any more blankets for awhile time to start creating and making some new ami's

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lets share!!!

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Tuesday, May 04, 2010
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So I got some lovely Pictures sent to me from a lovely lady named Nicole who has purchased my bunny in boots pattern and has made three amazing bunnies from the pattern I just have to share her bunnies they are completly adorable and I just love the colors she used.. Nicole you did one awsome job on them!!!
I just love the different color boot's :)
I just keep looking at those photos and seeing all those lovely flowers and green grass I then turn around and look out side at my place and it is Snowing here in Canada Alberta YES we are having a lovely Springy Winter storm lmao !!!
The pattern used is my bunny in boots pattern and is for purchase in my etsy store!
I have been busy busy seems like I havent got a chance to sit down and do much lately.

BUT anther Note and a really exciting one to..

I sold my first finished piece in my Etsy Store. Remeber Bop
Well my lil Bop just got shipped out yesterday to her new home in the UK!!!!!! I hope She is well enjoyed by her new owner and that she brings many smiles to the ppl that meet her!
The Lady that Purchased lil Bop Makes the most amazing sock Monsters, and I just have to share her link with all of you so go check out her Facebook fan page here !! Her creations name is called Odd socks and I will have to say one of the most Unique sock stuffies I have seen in along time its not your typical sock monkey:)

So with all this excitement I have been working on my afghan and happy to say 6 more rows to go and just 3 more flowers and it will be done :) ( oh and to weave in all those ends :( )

So by this time tomorrow i should be done with that afghan and be able to work on some new dolls :) Im waiting on some eyes, and once they get here there will be a bunch of new lil Gloomies poopin up :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Now Shipping World Wide

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, April 26, 2010
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blossom The Flower Child

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Saturday, April 24, 2010
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Blossom the flower child

Meet Blossom, She just loves the out doors, From Planting flowers to doing all her garden work. With all these Bright colors she is all about Spring and Summer.

Blossom Is wearing a cute lil sun dress with a heart button on the bottom and 4 cute lil colored buttons on the top.
Her raggy looking hat keeps that hot sun off her head as she pulls the weeds out of her flower beds and her scarf is well she just loves the way it matches her hat.

Blossom The Flower Child

Blossom Is up for grabs in the shop.
I just love the way she turned out i know i say that for every doll but with each doll I get better and better and this one i'm just so proud of that I can't believe I put her up for sale.
I actually broke my sewwing machiine o ut of jail for this Gloomy and to tell you the truth an out fit sewn with a machine is just much cleaner looking than a hand stitched one dont you think?

I bought those cute lil button that are one her dress at Micheals and i think it really adds to the detailing of the Gloomy.

SO one project is finished and im so thrilled about it. Now to finish my 1 sock and the Afghan, and of course get my sisters stuff started. I did remake a dress for one of the lil gloomys and will be adding it either tomorrow or monday in to my shop. Remeber Milly? Well I redid her clothes:)

Well that is all istill havent finished my dishes that is just one never ending job so i really should get off here and maybe do some house work lol

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not much getting finished here

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, April 23, 2010
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Well I haven't worked on my Afghan at all :( and I have not finished a single project. I ended up getting the flu bug and was laid up for a couple days, so sick all I could do is just sleep and whine lol
I now have Three projects on the go, including the Afghan! I also have so many things I want to do and have to do lol. BUT I better finish all these things before I start another or i will be getting myself over whelmed.
Looking at the calender I don't think i will be able to accomplish my own Challenge of finishing my Afghan by the end of April :( so I will have to give myself a new date and It shall be ........
I will have to look at the calender more. Next month is going to be alil busy. Both my kids are in soccor and mys ister is graduating next month:)

So lets start with the Gloomy Sense she will Probley be finished sooner than the rest.
She is not named yet !
She is the first ever Bright Gloomy lol Her Eyelids are magenta not black, She also is wearing a slouchy raggy looking hat :) I have one leg done so I just need to make another leg and dress her. OOoooo and name her. I bought some really cute fabric to out fit this girl with and am excited for her to be finished the yellow and the pink I used in this doll is a different yarn than i usually use and its 1/2 Wool and 1/2 Acrylic, it has a fuzzier texture to it and the stuff i used for her hat and scarf is really unusual I bought it at a yarn store and need to search for the wrapper so I can tell ya all exactly what it is called I will say though it is terrible hard to work with i had to us a K hook.

I will add more details on this gal once I have her finished!!

So lately I have been trying to get my crochet skills up there Learning newer techniques stitches etc, SOoo I found some sock yarn in Zellers and decided I shall try to build a Sock .. YEs you read that right A sock. I would say a pair but once I finish this one sock I will maybe make another by next year lmao
So theres my Sock I'm using Pink Camo its turning out pretty cool but boy oh boy is it taking awhile.
The sock Pattern is called ribbon`s and Bows I'm thinking I picked a two complicated pattern for my first try at socks but I really wanted to learn how to do the cable cross stitch
NOw woooo hoo I acomplished something today I updated my blog ppls on my self.
So hopefully next time I will have some finished items to show you all. Im still feeling under the weather so I have been taking it easy .
My sister bought me Yarn to make her
* 3 more dishcloth's
*and a slouchy hat
So I would like to get those done for her soon aswell Due to she bought the yarn/cotton for me to make them for her`:)
So I shall be done with rambling do my dishes up quick and get my Hooker moving lol
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