Monday, November 17, 2008

Benny.. And my new machine

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Monday, November 17, 2008
Well I was bored and its snowing I mean Blizzarding, and well I cleaned up my kitchen, did all the dishes. Vacumned, and I thought about what I could make its been so long sence I made a stuffy and I really wanted to start up again I miss them and the purses/Totes. I miss making them I made so many before I got tierd of them lmao. So to get the kids quiet I went and got the tree from in storage put it up. ( never decorated gotta wait for daddy to come home to do that ( I know its kinda early we usually wait till after the 20th)) and I needed something else to do, well we waited. Kiera fell asleep (she isn't feeling that well got a lovely cold)and ethan was watching a show so i desided to try out my newly but used machine i got in August. It was Sheldons grandma's ol machine that she used for all her boys when they where lil. Meaning she used it to mend Sheldon's dads pants.. :) Isn't it a beutie and it works great. Well I didn't know if it even worked that good till today hahahaha and well it works better than my lil min ultra kenmore thats made so much. So I started cuting a new pattern making it up as I went along and well Along came Benny.. ~TO the LEfT and to ThE RiGhT~ NOw aint he sweet. And he is full of mistakes. Well I was getting him together I Sewwed him all up and forgot to put in the ears hahaha So I had to rip apart the whole head and Put them in. Then I forgot to leave and opening to turn him right side out so I just made a slit in his back.. Poor guy.. :( But of course I mended him all up once he was Stuffed. So im thinking we may need a lil gal for Benny to be with I think He is kinda lonely sence most my stuffies are long gone and he is all alone. I may also make him some shorts maybe a shirt. Ethan was thinking he needs a snow hat and Mits and boots lol SO he could play out side. BUt any way I need to run TTYL



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