Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Well I have been Sick with a cold and well My life is just simply busy and stressfull. Raising a 4 year old (almost 5 year old) and a 2 year old can seriously knock me on my butt sometimes. I love my kids but gosh I seriously clean and scrubb the house down turn around and BAMMM the house is turned upside down again lol. LIfe of being a mom. I love my kids but hey HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO LISTEN?? There is a question I need to get answered How do you get a 2 year old who thinks she is 16 to listen? How do you get a almost 5 year old to stop talking back?

(my beutifull Orchid my Hubby Got me------->)

HAHA who knows if any of you have suggestions please tell!!!! THe other day Kiera my lovely 2 1/2 year old was sitting at the table coloring away well I Was doing the dishes. Well not sure how this came up but anyway. She dropped a crayon and said " for F!@# sakes" I couldn't belive it. I Just told her it was a bad word and not to say it. Thank god she hasn't said it again. It is time for this mommy to really start watching her mouth when these lil ears are around.. I have but some days things sneak out.. lol
So I have been busy in away I have started making bags again and have really liked the out come I messed around with my old pattern and came up with these PIctured above.. I have made three so far and have hand Embroidered them myself and I will say my hands are sore its been along time sence i did any embroidering. When I was little I did try to cross stitch or whatever they call it but was to impatient. The one on the bottom was the first one I did. THere is no Interfacing in it and the hadles are to short so out came purse number 2.. Then three.. Number three I made for my Daughter " Princess Kiera" It is by far my Favorite out of the three and im going to try to make a couple more with writing on them. I want to make one for my littlests sister Sienna For christmas. THis one " kieras" is put away she will be getting it for xmas aswell.

BUt any way I hear the kids making a mess. My upstairs probley now looks like a tornado went through So till next time.. Here's some random pics O f what I have been doing

Happy Crafting


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