Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's been to long....

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Its crazy I can't belive I promise hey im going to keep updating then what dissapear off the face of the earth again. lol Ill admit it I FORGOT opps I totaly forgot all aboput blogging I have been one busy person lately. BUt i do have to thank the ppl still coming across my blog and leaving messages you ppls a re the ones that reminded me about my blog. Many have asked for the Elepohant patteren instructions again and again, They are posted below this post I posted it back in January I think.. WOW is been to long lmao.
SO what have I been up to lets s ee.. WE moved Back in September to a new place or shall I say Better place. We really like it. ITs s till way out in the middle Of know where but hey atleast are water aint going to freeze in this house. I have done lil sewwing in whati hate WIsh i had more time. Probley sence my last posts I have sewwin one baby blanket for a friend and some Doggy coats for my Pup Kahlua. I got her for mommies day this year she is a red Sable Pom.

My kids have been keeping me really busy and active. I have been doing alot of baking sence we moved sence now I do have an oven that actually works. I have turned in to a pretty good housewife lmao. Im not completly a SAHM any more i do sell Partylite still but have been slow with shows lately just havent been pushy enough. ( If your sorta shy being a home consultant aint for you)

But Its durring the day here 1:00 now and I have to run my kids are upstairs probley distroying the place i Will right again soon


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