Friday, November 14, 2008

Flowers in the winter

wrote by ~CraftyMummy2two~ at Friday, November 14, 2008
So I may have got a lil carried away with these Flowers.... Above There is A whole pile of Flowers I forgot to count lmao I made more last nightand kept adding today So instead of making them in to a ball I stuck a stem on them and desided to have a bouque of fresh cut paper flowers.. ( don't you think this would make a beutifull center piece? May have to start makeing some for my some day wedding lmao)

I also made the vase holding the flowers with matching paper from some of the Flowers. There is no real color code to the flowers I kinda just used a lil of every kind of scrapbook paper I hade. I was at first going to make just a plain white and blue flowers but got tierd of folding the white and blue paper lmao. ( and to think this paper was bought so I could try so different ideas for my some day wedding invites (me and hubby well I should say my B/F have been together for 6 years and ingaged for 5 lmao)) So thats why I say some day wedding. I guess I have wedding on the head, alot of ppl i know are getting married planning weddings etc .... SO no wonder i have it on the brain... Aaa some day but seriously I don't even know where to start planning for something like that and hell don't even know what i would wan't for my wedding. Like where to have it etc... NO CLUE hahaha SO two kids later s till no wedding.. I think its time for are purposal hahaha.. Maybe a bigger diamond lmao.
Any way to the right or above is some left over flowers i made I stuck them in a Vase aint they pretty im so proud of these flowers lol THANK YOU folding trees for this great tut... I iwll say any one can do it it does take awile but the out come is worth it.. I will say though this is not something for lil kids to do maybe teenagers. THERE we go when I want my Kusudama flower Center pieces ill get my sisters to help lol...THey have been recruted....

So here are some more Photos of Flowers I have made and also some PaperTopiary's.

PaperTopiary's ^ I hung one above the other.

Also To get the pattern for the PaperTopiary's Go to HELLOmyname isheather her link is in my fav blogs..

Well I think that is all for now I need to mend my blistered hurting fingures frorm the hot glue..


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