Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Well I have been Sick with a cold and well My life is just simply busy and stressfull. Raising a 4 year old (almost 5 year old) and a 2 year old can seriously knock me on my butt sometimes. I love my kids but gosh I seriously clean and scrubb the house down turn around and BAMMM the house is turned upside down again lol. LIfe of being a mom. I love my kids but hey HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO LISTEN?? There is a question I need to get answered How do you get a 2 year old who thinks she is 16 to listen? How do you get a almost 5 year old to stop talking back?

(my beutifull Orchid my Hubby Got me------->)

HAHA who knows if any of you have suggestions please tell!!!! THe other day Kiera my lovely 2 1/2 year old was sitting at the table coloring away well I Was doing the dishes. Well not sure how this came up but anyway. She dropped a crayon and said " for F!@# sakes" I couldn't belive it. I Just told her it was a bad word and not to say it. Thank god she hasn't said it again. It is time for this mommy to really start watching her mouth when these lil ears are around.. I have but some days things sneak out.. lol
So I have been busy in away I have started making bags again and have really liked the out come I messed around with my old pattern and came up with these PIctured above.. I have made three so far and have hand Embroidered them myself and I will say my hands are sore its been along time sence i did any embroidering. When I was little I did try to cross stitch or whatever they call it but was to impatient. The one on the bottom was the first one I did. THere is no Interfacing in it and the hadles are to short so out came purse number 2.. Then three.. Number three I made for my Daughter " Princess Kiera" It is by far my Favorite out of the three and im going to try to make a couple more with writing on them. I want to make one for my littlests sister Sienna For christmas. THis one " kieras" is put away she will be getting it for xmas aswell.

BUt any way I hear the kids making a mess. My upstairs probley now looks like a tornado went through So till next time.. Here's some random pics O f what I have been doing

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reji and Roxy.... Bored

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Man alive it is still snowing. We seriously got a foot of snow and it is still coming down. The kids are absolutly in there glory haha May be getting the snow mobile out tomorrow. There is enough snw now. So yesterday we ended up putting up the tree im sure we are the first ppl in the world to have are tree up this early but hey " it looks alot like christmas outside" So with the tree up the house was clean I made some Friends for Benny..

Meet Reji

I made him last night I just had to try to make another teddy. I really think I need to come up with a special name for these bears, like I did for the "notty dolly's" I may or I may not im not to sure yet, But i really do think they need there own name. They are still in the process of getting the kinks worked out like, With Reji I decided the legs where to long so I cut them to see if they would look better Shorter, and they did SO meeet ROXY ( the first female). Roxy is Black Fun Fur so it is hard to take photos of her. This one was the only one i could get that she doesn't just look like a pile of furshe was fun to make but a bit of a mess. If you ever worked with Fun fur you would understand the mess it makes when cutting. She has shorter legs than Benny and I think I may have got the pattern down so maybe i can make one Im completly happy with now I messed up a lil on Roxy's nose, the red should be down farther. Eyes maybe a lil higher BUt I will do that next time I may make another Or may try something else.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Benny.. And my new machine

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Well I was bored and its snowing I mean Blizzarding, and well I cleaned up my kitchen, did all the dishes. Vacumned, and I thought about what I could make its been so long sence I made a stuffy and I really wanted to start up again I miss them and the purses/Totes. I miss making them I made so many before I got tierd of them lmao. So to get the kids quiet I went and got the tree from in storage put it up. ( never decorated gotta wait for daddy to come home to do that ( I know its kinda early we usually wait till after the 20th)) and I needed something else to do, well we waited. Kiera fell asleep (she isn't feeling that well got a lovely cold)and ethan was watching a show so i desided to try out my newly but used machine i got in August. It was Sheldons grandma's ol machine that she used for all her boys when they where lil. Meaning she used it to mend Sheldon's dads pants.. :) Isn't it a beutie and it works great. Well I didn't know if it even worked that good till today hahahaha and well it works better than my lil min ultra kenmore thats made so much. So I started cuting a new pattern making it up as I went along and well Along came Benny.. ~TO the LEfT and to ThE RiGhT~ NOw aint he sweet. And he is full of mistakes. Well I was getting him together I Sewwed him all up and forgot to put in the ears hahaha So I had to rip apart the whole head and Put them in. Then I forgot to leave and opening to turn him right side out so I just made a slit in his back.. Poor guy.. :( But of course I mended him all up once he was Stuffed. So im thinking we may need a lil gal for Benny to be with I think He is kinda lonely sence most my stuffies are long gone and he is all alone. I may also make him some shorts maybe a shirt. Ethan was thinking he needs a snow hat and Mits and boots lol SO he could play out side. BUt any way I need to run TTYL


Busy Weekend.

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No crafting but lots of new idea's. On saturday the kids my mom and me all went to the big christmas craft show in Spirit River There was so much nice stuff. Of course I over spent and was wishing i had more to spend on all the amazing crafts and items ppl have made. But well I was there I have desided i would like to start up an old craft I use to do all the time and that is wood work. Me and mom use to do it all the time LIke the lil signs, snow men, santa clauses etc... Well I think I just may try to pick that up again in will take awile like having to colect paint etc.. ( all my paints have dryed up over the years ) Maybe some day maybe this winter maybe the next but I owuld like to start again.
So any way Today is me and sheldon 6 year Anniversary Exciting but he is working and we probley ain't going to do anything for it sence well no babysitter and well no point till he gets days off. :( We usually are gon this time of year. LEave the kids some where and go to edmonton for a week but things this year are just kinda tight and stress full and busy so we arn't going to be going this year. Oh well ..
But I should go ttyl I need to tidy up my messy place and , maybe think of some new stuff to build up

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flowers in the winter

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So I may have got a lil carried away with these Flowers.... Above There is A whole pile of Flowers I forgot to count lmao I made more last nightand kept adding today So instead of making them in to a ball I stuck a stem on them and desided to have a bouque of fresh cut paper flowers.. ( don't you think this would make a beutifull center piece? May have to start makeing some for my some day wedding lmao)

I also made the vase holding the flowers with matching paper from some of the Flowers. There is no real color code to the flowers I kinda just used a lil of every kind of scrapbook paper I hade. I was at first going to make just a plain white and blue flowers but got tierd of folding the white and blue paper lmao. ( and to think this paper was bought so I could try so different ideas for my some day wedding invites (me and hubby well I should say my B/F have been together for 6 years and ingaged for 5 lmao)) So thats why I say some day wedding. I guess I have wedding on the head, alot of ppl i know are getting married planning weddings etc .... SO no wonder i have it on the brain... Aaa some day but seriously I don't even know where to start planning for something like that and hell don't even know what i would wan't for my wedding. Like where to have it etc... NO CLUE hahaha SO two kids later s till no wedding.. I think its time for are purposal hahaha.. Maybe a bigger diamond lmao.
Any way to the right or above is some left over flowers i made I stuck them in a Vase aint they pretty im so proud of these flowers lol THANK YOU folding trees for this great tut... I iwll say any one can do it it does take awile but the out come is worth it.. I will say though this is not something for lil kids to do maybe teenagers. THERE we go when I want my Kusudama flower Center pieces ill get my sisters to help lol...THey have been recruted....

So here are some more Photos of Flowers I have made and also some PaperTopiary's.

PaperTopiary's ^ I hung one above the other.

Also To get the pattern for the PaperTopiary's Go to HELLOmyname isheather her link is in my fav blogs..

Well I think that is all for now I need to mend my blistered hurting fingures frorm the hot glue..

~Paper Craft~

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WOW I actually came Back....

So Flowers flowers and more flowers I ran into this blog yesterday Folding Trees It has so really cool oragami art including the flower above called a Kusudama. I will be adding this blog to my list of favorite blogs sence i lost most of the ones i use to read im in between finding them again and finding new ones aswell. There is so many Talented ppl out there.
To the write you will see the two halfs for the Kusudama Ball. The flowers are quiet amazing but they do take some time. To make a ball you need 12 flowers. To make one flower you need to make 5 pedals lol. SO it took me awile to get to this point to the right. I Was so afraid to glue them together thinking iwas going to distroy all my hard work :( I couldn't get a good picture of the ball together so I will try later and Post it on here. I have some PaperTopiary's that I have made aswell and will add more photos of them later to the left is a sneak peak. MY computer is getting all stupid. ( fingures crossed that I will get high speed soon) Anyway I will try to get back on later to post the rest of the lovely Paper crafts I have done. BUt for now I need to get my butt in gear go get some laundry done Hide the candy my daughter keeps bring to me and start Trying to get this house in order sence yesterday I played with paper all day..

~ Happy Crafting ~


Ps. For the Kusudama Flowers I used Martha stewart Scrapbook paper and Glued them together with hot glue. Aswell as the PaperTopiary's that you will see more photos of later.

PSS. when playing with hot glue watch you fingures

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's been to long....

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Its crazy I can't belive I promise hey im going to keep updating then what dissapear off the face of the earth again. lol Ill admit it I FORGOT opps I totaly forgot all aboput blogging I have been one busy person lately. BUt i do have to thank the ppl still coming across my blog and leaving messages you ppls a re the ones that reminded me about my blog. Many have asked for the Elepohant patteren instructions again and again, They are posted below this post I posted it back in January I think.. WOW is been to long lmao.
SO what have I been up to lets s ee.. WE moved Back in September to a new place or shall I say Better place. We really like it. ITs s till way out in the middle Of know where but hey atleast are water aint going to freeze in this house. I have done lil sewwing in whati hate WIsh i had more time. Probley sence my last posts I have sewwin one baby blanket for a friend and some Doggy coats for my Pup Kahlua. I got her for mommies day this year she is a red Sable Pom.

My kids have been keeping me really busy and active. I have been doing alot of baking sence we moved sence now I do have an oven that actually works. I have turned in to a pretty good housewife lmao. Im not completly a SAHM any more i do sell Partylite still but have been slow with shows lately just havent been pushy enough. ( If your sorta shy being a home consultant aint for you)

But Its durring the day here 1:00 now and I have to run my kids are upstairs probley distroying the place i Will right again soon
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